Moving a piano is not for everyone. With our knowledge and equipment, we will move it anywhere locally in Leicester or the rest of UK.

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Using Piano Movers Benefits

Professional piano movers offer valuable benefits. They ensure the safety of your piano, using their expertise to prevent damage or injuries during the move. With specialized equipment and experience in handling challenging spaces, they make piano relocation a stress-free experience.

What Equipment Our Piano Movers Use?

Our piano movers employ specialized equipment to ensure the safe and efficient relocation of your instrument. This includes piano dollies and skids designed to bear the weight of the piano and navigate various surfaces. They also use padding, straps, and covers to protect the piano from scratches or damage during the move, guaranteeing a secure and smooth transportation process.

What Information We Need To Move Your Piano?

When moving a piano to your home, we require some essential information to plan the process effectively. Firstly, we need the dimensions and weight of the piano to determine the appropriate equipment and manpower required. Secondly, it’s crucial to know the layout of your home, including any obstacles like stairs, narrow hallways, or tight doorways that might pose challenges during the move. Lastly, we’ll need to schedule a convenient time for the relocation, taking into account any specific preferences or restrictions you may have, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free piano delivery to your home.

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How Much Does Piano Moving Services in Leicester Cost?

The cost of piano moving services in Leicester can vary depending on several factors. These factors may include the size and weight of the piano, the distance it needs to be moved, any obstacles or challenges in the moving path, and the specific piano moving company you choose. On average, piano moving services in Leicester may range from £260 to £500 or more, but it’s advisable to request quotes from local piano moving companies to get a more accurate estimate tailored to your specific needs.

We Move Grand Pianos And Upright Pianos

Grand pianos and upright pianos differ primarily in their design and sound production. Grand pianos have horizontal strings and a more open structure, which allows for a richer and more resonant tone. They are generally larger and have a more elaborate appearance, with a lid that can be raised to enhance the sound. Upright pianos, on the other hand, have vertical strings and a compact, upright design, making them space-efficient but typically producing a slightly different, more compact sound compared to grand pianos. Both types have their unique characteristics and are suitable for different musical preferences and room sizes.

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Piano Movers FAQs

Is My Piano Insured During The Move?

Yes, we provide full insurance coverage for your piano during the move for peace of mind.

Do I Need To Prepare The Piano Before You Come?

We handle all the preparation, but you can remove any loose items and clear a path to make the process smoother.